Since 2002 I have taught a wide range of undergraduate courses. Below, I list those from recent years that most represent my current teaching and research interests in the environmental humanities and American literature. In addition to the courses listed here I have taught survey American literature, Rhetoric and Composition, and a number of general literature courses. Courses were taught at New York University, Rutgers University, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign).

The Animal Turn in Literature, English and Environmental Studies GA 1957.002, Fall 2017 (co-taught with Una Chaudhuri)

Environmental Justice Literature, Environmental and Animal Studies 600, Spring 2017

Being Vegan: the literature of environmental justice, Comparative Literature 800, Spring 2016

Gender and Consumption: Feminism and Animals, Women’s and Gender Studies 317, Spring 2014

Thinking Bodies: Animal and Human Bodies, Women’s and Gender Studies 490, Spring 2014

Literature, Gender, and Environmental Justice, Women’s and Gender Studies 490, Fall 2013

Gender and Consumption: Bodies at Risk, Women’s and Gender Studies 317, Spring 2013

Women and Society: Violence and War, Women’s and Gender Studies 101, Spring 2013

Feminist Perspectives: Food and the Environment, Women’s and Gender Studies 235, Fall 2012

Literature of War and Globalization, CCS Literature 111, Spring 2012

Global Contact / Warring Bodies, English 122GW, Spring 2012

The Politics of Consumption, CCS Literature 114, Winter 2012

Borderlands: American Literature and the Transnational Imaginary, CCS Literature 114, Fall 2011